Chosen by the US military, SWAT teams, and law enforcement agencies across the country, and proven in the world’s toughest combat conditions, only SureFire sound suppressors (“silencers”) combine every important suppressor feature

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July 24-26 Nations Gun Show, Chantilly VA

Oct 2-4 Nations Gun Show, Chantilly VA

Nov 21-23 Nations Gun Show, Chantilly VA

Jan 1-3 Nations Gun Show, Chantilly VA

New to NFA/Class 3 Firearms?

Information on how individuals can legally own NFA items... Requirements for Purchasing Machine Guns, Silencers, or Short Barreled Rifles/Shotguns It is a common misconception that machine guns, silencers (suppressors), sawed-...

Sell your old Guns

We are interested in buying your firearms - regular or NFA. Either singles.... or whole collections. Please  Email us  and let us know what you have....