$12,000.00 $9,900.00

HK MP5SD SBR with 1 magazine and factory sling.

Product Description

HK MP5SD. This firearm is a registered SBR and had the SD (Suppressor) installed. This is a semi auto that is ‘sear ready’ to go to full auto with your registered HK sear. Includes 1x30rd HK magazine and an HK web sling. Manufacture of the HK SBR and the Suppressor is RDTS (Red Dog Target Supply), a major CL3 manufacturer from the 80s that is still in business. The receiver has been professionally remarked HK MP5 SD-N (see photo). This is a fine example of an MP5SD that would be an excellent addition to any collection, and not as expensive as a full auto MP5SD (if it had the registered sear installed). This is a used firearm in excellent condition and we have endeavored to show any imperfections in the photos.

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