M6A4 rifle’s

Born of a concept developed by the USMC, the Infantry Automatic Rifle represents a weapon system designed to combat today’s modern threats. With the majority of today’s conflicts occurring in built-up urban landscapes, and battles becoming faster and more fluid, the designated SAW gunner needs a lighter, handier, more reliable, and surgically precise weapon. The M6A4™ rifle fulfills this need and then some!

The M6A4 Infantry Automatic Rifle, fires from a closed bolt on semi-automatic, giving the gunner accurate rifleman capability, and from open bolt during full auto, cooling the chamber and barrel and reducing the potential of a “cook-off” after extended fire. After switching to full auto, the M6A4™ rifle will fire the first round from a closed bolt, ensuring maximum accuracy. This also allows its user to be the first man in a stack when clearing structures because, unlike the conventional belt-fed SAW, the M6A4 Infantry Automatic Rifle will provide a 99.7% chance of first round ignition. A finned, heavy-weight barrel stands up to the increased demand placed on a weapon from sustained automatic fire.

The M6A4™ rifle’s format is derived from the proven M4/M16 design allowing warfighters to use pre-developed muscle memory and ensuring immediate familiarity

Product Description