Norotos Complete AKA 2 Helmet Mount Assy for PVS 7 & 14

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Combining the rugged adaptability of the AKA II Helmet Mount with the unwavering stability of the Universal Shroud creates a complete night vision mounting apparatus with staunch reliability and field longevity. Joining with the Universal Shroud offers the AKA II’s most pronounced performance capacity—extending its already heightened Anti-Wobble penchant to exhilarating heights.

The AKA II maximizes potential adaptability through available dual Anti-Wobble Quick Change Adapters allowing rapid conversion between HORN and DOVETAIL NVGs, while maintaining peak strength and enduring readiness. Preserving comfortable wear through Vertical, Tilt, and Fore/Aft-Eye-Relief Adjustment, the AKA II remains steadfast through high-velocity situations with Push Button Deploy/Stow Release that ensures smooth and quiet deployment of NVGs.

Representing the apogee of Anti-Wobble stability in a night vision helmet shroud solution, the Universal Shroud maintains premier persistence through rigorous field demands while compatible with nearly all three-hole, one-hole, or no-hole helmets with optional Strap Assembly (not included). Designed with extensive engineering experience and delivered through quality precision manufacturing to present a shroud with superior tolerance control, and enhanced impact resistance. The Norotos Universal Shroud is the latest refinement to one of the most widely-recognized NVG helmet shrouds in service with US Special Operations Forces today. Norotos has been working closely with troops to develop a state-of-the-art NVG mount solution that addresses the realities of modern warfare. The unmistakable Universal Shroud is the product of this design effort and delivers exactly what its name implies. It is compatible with nearly all helmets in use by the DOD (including, but not limited to MICH/ACH, CVC, PASGT, FAST, PRO-TECH, A-Alpha) and will hard mount to those drilled for either the standard single hole or MARSOC/WARCOM three hole patterns. Non-drilled helmets are not a problem because the Universal Shroud can be coupled with the optional Norotos Strap Assembly (not included).

The Norotos Universal Shroud helps to reduce goggle-to-helmet wobble with its built-in Advanced Stability Management System. Starting with the back side of the shroud, an affixed gasket runs the perimeter of the unit’s unique curvature and creates a compression effect when the shroud is tightened down to the helmet. It also helps the shroud adapt to the slight changes in surface geometry between helmet designs and shell sizes. The front face of the shroud has four high endurance rubber shock absorbers that compress between the shroud and NVG mount. A specially designed tether plug on the shroud surface allows the operator to affix a length of 550 cord between the NVG optic and the shroud. This important feature helps insure the retention of valuable equipment if it becomes disengaged during a drama. The plug can be freed from the shroud under high pressure for individual safety or storage of an NVG.

The AKA II with the Universal Shroud unites the firm interchangeability of the AKA II to the ruggedly stable Universal shroud in illuminating a complete system prepared for the rugged demands of extensive field use.

The Norotos PVS-14 Socket is a replacement interface for the Norotos AKA2 that will accept any bayonet style NVG devices including the PVS-7B/D or the PVS14 with J-Arm. The PVS-14 Socket is a precision built interface with tight tolerance held to parts. It provides a very tight fit for the bayonet mount which helps reduce wobble. Please note the Norotos PVS-14 Socket is designed to fit the AKA2 specifically, and will not work with any other mounts.

Included in the package are the following (PN is Norotos Part #):

AKA2 Helmet Mount (PN 1840010)

Helmet Mount Socket, PVS 7 & 14 (PN 1840003)

Shroud (Univ Mounting Shroud) (PN 1817010)

Lanyard Break Away Attach Point Hardware (PN 1717016)

Complete Assembly – [NSN 5855-01-569-7743]- TAN, w/ PVS 7/14 Socket

Product Description

The AKA II with the Universal Shroud unites the firm interchangeability of the AKA II to the ruggedly stable Universal shroud in illuminating a complete system prepared for the rugged demands of extensive field use.

[NSN 5855-01-569-7743]- TAN, w/ PVS 7/14 Socket