The LWRCI M6A1 Rifle

The LWRCI™ M6A1™ rifle is our SOPMOD M4 equivalent rifle. It is a standard carbine available in various barrel lengths and chambered in either 5.56mm NATO or 6.8mm SPC. The M6A1™ rifle features a carbine length free float rail system with a removable return-to-zero top. Any M4 MIL Std 1913 accessory can be mounted to the rail.

The M6A1™ rifle can be used in various roles. With the 10.5 inch barrel, it is ideal for close quarters battle or fighting in built up areas. The 14.7 inch barrel M6A1™ rifle is an excellent general purpose carbine capable of effective fire out to 600 meters.

The LWRCI™ M6A1™ rifle will help you dominate the fight with its reliability, ease of maintenance, and increased service life.

Product Description